Brilliance for Nobel Week Lights 2020

Brilliance was created to be displayed on the façade of the Sweden's Nationalmuseum building for the occasion of the Nobel Week Lights 2020. The work was a dynamic and colorful light story, inspired by past Nobel festivities and Nationalmuseum's exhibition Pär Engsheden and Sara Danius’s Nobel Gowns. The installation consisted of 84 LED profiles mounted on the windows in the museum's middle floor, on both sides of the main entrance. The lights shimmered slowly in non-figurative patterns. The aim was to convey a sense of sublime creativity and courage translated into a movement of light and colour. Brilliance shimmered like a melody, sometimes like a whisper, sometimes like a scream. A light inspiration in the winter darkness.

Brilliance is designed to be easily adaptable to different locations and forms. An earlier version of Brilliance was shown on the façade of the Göteborgs konstmuseum in connection with the city's Winter celebration in 2017.

Brilliance is supported by: Osram, E:cue, Control Dept

Brilliance video

Photo Robin Hayes
Photos front page Patrick Miller

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