The Seed

Site-specific artwork
Trädgårdsföreningen, Linköping, Sweden
Commissioned by Linköping municipality
Completed 2021

The Seed is sculpture in larger format, integrated into the world of wonderful vegetation of Linköpings Park, among trees, small plants and mosses. My intention was to make the Seed as a natural element of the park. All the seeds and fruits that appear in this park inspire the organic form of the sculpture; with it’s subtle and sheer character. The Seed is a monument to the park's origin and it’s existence.

The Seed consists of an outer shell and an inner core. The outer shell, commonly, protects the heart of the fruit. Raw in it’s materialization, made of steel rods patinated by nature. The heart of the sculpture, the red core of the seed, radiates life in the form of softly pulsating light. The core is painted red. Lighting is integrated in the centre of the core. The light illuminates the inside of the core with a subtle intensity and touches the inside of the other shell. The Seed is placed in the nature, among trees and plants, in a raised place, visible from surrounding paths. As someone approaches the sculpture, the intensity of the light increases and the core’s heart begins to pulsate.

Inspiration: Acer pseudoplatanus f. variegatum ”Leopoldii”, Juglans nigra, Betula pendula, Pinus nigra, Ginko biloba, Ulmus laevis, Pinus strobus, Pseudotsuga menzieii, Tilia platyphyllos ”Laciniata”, Quercus robur, Acer pseudoplatanus ’Worleei’, Populus tremula ”Erecta”, Liriodendron tulipifiera, Fagus sylvatica ”Dawyck”, Morus alba, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Tilia platyphyllos, Salix alba var. Sericea, Crataegus monogyna ”Variegata”, Fraxinus pennsylvanica ”Aucubifolia”, Tilia tometosa ”Petiolaris”, Aesculus flava, Larix decidua, Quercus frainetto, Aesculus carnea, Pterocaria fraxinifolia, Quercus x rosacea, Ulmus glabra and all the seeds and fruits from Linköpings Trädgårdsförening

Art consultant: Antonio Sognasoldi/LOK
Photographer: Robin Hayes

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