Site-specific artwork
Tynnered, Gothenburg, Sweden
Commissioned by FamiljebostÀder
Completed 2021

GLOW is a dynamic light installation in a minimalist approach created for two passageways in the suburban neighbourhood of Gothenburg. Permanent light artworks are placed in the raised spaces within each passageway, which measure approximately 6m x 4m x 3m. Basic elements of the artwork are stainless steel strips with integrated linear LED lights. The lines represent light rays whish extend in different directions and at different heights to form three-dimensional shapes. Lighting is integrated along all beams with light sources directed downwards. These light rays are programmed to create a thrilling dynamic lighting experience. Some of the lines carry also lighting that illuminates the upper part of the rooms, which together with the programmed light lines generates the complete light experience. GLOW is a dynamic light work with colour, light and movement in collaboration. The artwork is activated by passers-by via motion sensors.

Photographer: Robin Hayes

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