Site-specific artwork
Rimnersbadet, Uddevalla, Sweden
Commissioned by Uddevalla municipality
Completed 2023

For the Uddevalla swimming facility, I envisioned the dynamic movement of water, whether activated by a child's splashing, the rhythmic motions of a swimmer, or the aftershocks of a diver. In such a lively aquatic environment, bubbles are constantly forming. These bubbles symbolize the movement and vitality of water, reflecting the energy and life within the swimming pool.

H2O is a luminous artwork inspired by the shape of the water molecule, featuring a large sphere accompanied by two smaller spheres. The artwork appears to float gracefully in the foyer of the building. Crafted from thin aluminum rods, the spheres achieve an illusion of transparency. Integrated lighting fills the inside of the sphere, clarifying the shape and subtly intensifying its colour.

Photographer: Robin Hayes

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