Site-specific artwork
Hagavik School, Växjö, Sweden
Commissioned by Växjö municipality
Completed 2024

INSPIRATION consists of constellations of discs spread over the walls. These circles are grouped in different colors, partially overlapping and playfully breaking the monotony of the concrete gray walls.

The word "inspiration" originates from the Latin "inspiro", which means to inhale or breathe life into. Inspiration is what starts our mental activity, activates the brain and gives rise to new ideas. It is a stimuli that affects us as individuals, and it is the way we react to our surroundings. Being in an inspiring environment is developmental. Inspiration is often linked to motivation and creativity. Through subjects such as art, technology, programming, crafts, biology, physics, chemistry, literature and music, students are introduced to various exciting and complex worlds. Despite their differences, they all share a common factor – they are all based on systems. All these different systems consist of structures which in turn are made up of elements that work together to create a whole. When I think of these elements, I see them as circular. It is fascinating to see how the simplest shapes, the circle, when combined in complex patterns, transforms into unique and unexpected forms.

Photographer: Robin Hayes

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