The Park

commissioned by the Stockholm County Council, completed 2001

The Park consists of six sculptures rising in two of the hospital's light courts, three in each court. The sculptures are 3,2m high with an elliptical tree crown. Their dimensions and placing in the court's landscape create a park-like ambience, visible from all surrounding hospital spaces.
During daytime the tree crowns are icy-white with transparent branches. The whiteness of the crowns increase with the intensity of daylight. When night falls the tree crowns become luminous. With increasing darkness the light becomes more intensive too. With seasonal changes diverse effects appears with the influence of snow, rain, fog or ice reflecting light differently within the space.

It is possible to experience The Park, at any time, from the main entrance of the Stockholm South General Hospital Södersjukhuset, Sjukhusbacken 10 in Stockholm.

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