Site-specific light artwork
for University Hospital Örebro, new Parking house, Sweden
Commissioned by Regionservice Fastigheter / Region Örebro
Completed 2019

Breeze is a monumental dynamic light artwork created for the new Parking house in the University Hospital in Örebro. The structure of the work is a relatively thin, free-bending line, intended to be experienced as a fast-drawn ink sketch, which sweeps through all seven levels of the building. This black line carries integrated lighting that uses white wall as a painting canvas.
Viewed from a distance, Breeze gives experience of a free, organic, airy movement of light that sweeps and whispers through all levels of the P-house. From close up, inside the stairwell, movement of light, reflections from the wall surface and the dynamics of light take different dimension, more intimate and impressive. Here you dive into each form's own universe.

Art consultant Kristin Rapp, Regionservice Fastigheter / Region Örebro
Photo Robin Hayes

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