Site-specific artwork
for Sånna School, Åhus, Sweden
Commissioned by Kristianstads municipality
Completed 2020

SAND is a monumental mobile sculpture created for the new Sånna School in Åhus.
Artwork is placed centrally in the school’s atrium, suspended under the generous skylight.
SAND is inspired by the unique beauty of Åhus sand dunes, with the idea to embody the movement of the sand crystals and their constant change in colour and form.

Artwork is made of circular dichroic elements, based on the quartz model - one silicon atom and two oxygen atoms. Elements are mounted on the flexible rods. With its position, under the skylight, SAND is responding to the light conditions constantly engendering enchanting variations of colours and reflections.

Art consultant Kristina Möster Nilsson
Photo Robin Hayes

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